Wedding Flowers: Wookie Floral Design

One of my favorite floral designers is a company called Wookie Floral Design based in the UK. Aside from the beautiful arrangements that they produce, their company promises quality, quantity, and the right price. Straight from their company website… “Instead of you contacting us for a quote, we love it if you contact us with a budget. We then work out what we can do for you within that budget, to give you the very best for your money. Plus, we might just suggest things that otherwise you’d never have thought of…” I love this motto!

Far too often, wedding industry professionals don’t take the time to provide alternatives to brides with limited budgets. Instead of garden roses, you’re left with slim pickins’ of carnations, when in fact you could maybe use ranunculus to achieve the same effect you’re looking for.

Below are a few of my favorite designs by Wookie. Thoughts? Who are a few of your favorite floral designers or flowers?

photos courtesy of Wookie Floral Design