A Vintage Tea Party

A few days ago I met with a full service catering company and was asked whether or not I thought the whole vintage wedding theme was here to stay. The owner of the company wasn’t sure whether or not he wanted to invest in vintage-inspired products for future weddings/events. Without hesitation, I replied, “it’s not going anywhere, so you better head to some thrift shops and antique stores!” Immediately, I was worried that I let my own personal love for all things vintage skew my business rationale. “What if vintage themed weddings are on the decline and this poor guy spends half his budget at flea markets!?” But yesterday I came across The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Company in an article I was reading and was so glad I said what I did at the meeting! Based in Texas but originally from England, owner Sophie Parrott and her team recreate vintage tea parties and styling for clients looking for something unique and memorable. With the volume of demanding brides and patrons seeking their services, the company has been successful in repurposing antiques with modern trends. Long live vintage.

Below are some pictures of their work. More pictures after the jump.