Entwined June Event at Hotel Chantelle

Summer in New York City can be really unpredictable, with hot, sticky weather and the threat of torrential thunderstorms on a daily basis. But we were determined to celebrate the change in season and be OUTSIDE for our next New York City vendor networking event. Hotel Chantelle was the perfect venue for this–though its Lower East Side entrance is non-descript, a short flight of stairs takes you to their little oasis of a rooftop in New York City. Thanks a million to CJ of Charlie-Juliet, who took these amazing photos for us. You captured Entwined beautifully! Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-01The entrance fits right into the edgy Lower East Side, but check out what's just upstairs...

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-03The lovely rooftop bar and dining area, complete with a retractable roof, which meant we were set to go, rain or shine!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-01Thea and I couldn't resist having a little fun with these awesome street lamps!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-05It was so great to have both Loren (Naturally Delicious) and Karen (Karen Wise Photography) at our event for the first time!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-06Loren, with her right hand gal, Jocelyn!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-07Karen with Sharon (SB Beauty) with their wonderfully bright ensembles

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-08Leigh Anna (Moss+Isaac) with her intern, Amy!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-09 Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-11Big smiles from Jainé (Brklyn View Photography) and Laura (Lyndsey Hamilton Events)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-13 Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-14The lovely Amber (Amber Gress Photography) with Thea (HushedCommotion)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-16Miss Roey, looking fab as always (Roey Mizrahi Events)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-17Bobby, always good to have you! (R Wagner Photography)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-18 Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-19Melanie, our rockstar from Mixtape Cover Band!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-20Loving Chellise's summer hat (Chellise Michael Photography)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-21 Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-22Megan (And Here We Are), a fellow stationer buddy!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-23Newcomer Alana (Alana Jones Mann) makes the most adorable desserts, you must check them out!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-24Alana with Courtney, the talented lady behind Love+Brain Films

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-25Miss Ashley (Dulce Dream Events), with a fresh and colorful lip!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-26Gorgeous ladies Thea, Ashley, Erica (Tinsel & Twine), and Jennifer (Cyrience Photgraphy)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-28The dapper Jove of Jove Meyer Events with Melanie and Sharon

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-29Always elegant ladies Meena (5th Avenue Weddings) and Rebecca (Rebecca Schoneveld)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-30Andrea (Chuppah Studio) and Laura (Royal Photo Booth)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-31 Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-32Sara (Sara Wight Photography) with Katie (Katie Fischer Design) and Roey!

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-33Sharon, Erica, and Erin (Blue Print Proposals)

Entwined-Hotel-Chantelle-35And a nice shot with Chellise!

As always, it was so wonderful to see everyone again and catch up. Couldn't do all this craziness without all your support and encouragement!