Paradise Bound Save the Dates for Stacy & Greg

I was lucky enough to meet Stacy of How He Asked last year and have been a fan of her and her platform for wedding proposals ever since. There's no better way to improve your mood than reading a heartfelt love story between two people, and I'm definitely guilty of binge reading her Instagram posts from time to time!

Getting to know Stacy's story as we began designing her Save the Dates has been one of my favorite parts of the process. Stacy and Greg bonded over their love for traveling and together have visited all kinds of beautiful countries around the world. We knew we had to capture their adventurous spirit and the fact that their wedding is taking place in sunny Florida in their Save the Dates.

We came up with the concept of luggage tags, but we wanted them to be modern, simple, and beautifully designed - something we weren't necessarily seeing out there on the internet. So we started researching manufacturing our own custom design, starting with sourcing the softest tan leather possible. We then had the leather custom cut to a shape we tested and experimented with so that it would hang perfectly when wrapped around the handle of your favorite weekended bag. 

After that, it was a matter of finding a great way to package the tags to share all the important wedding details and sending them off to their new homes. We just love the way the tanned luggage tag looks against the coral script and now all of Stacy and Greg's guests can fly to Florida in style!