Paper Tip: Go Luxe with a Wax Seal

Wax seals. We love that something so beautiful has historical roots in something so usefulserving as a tamper-proof stamp of authenticity. Seals have always been the formal mark of kings and governments but its use has even permeated pop culture! Remember that Game of Thrones scene when Ser Barristan is handed that royal pardon for Ser Jorah Mormont? The document is held together with the stunning red wax seal of a Lannister lion and there is no questioning its veracitya perfect example of beauty and function, fused. There was a time when nearly everyone had a personal seal but once the gummed envelope became widely available, the privacy imparted by a wax seal became obsolete. Though they've fallen out of use of late, we're still in awe over the tactile, old world beauty of wax seals and love including them with our paper goods!

We were thrilled when one of our couples approached us with the idea of using a monogrammed wax seal as the crowning touch to their luxe wedding invitations. Via hand-delivery, each invitee would receive a signature, gold foil printed Laduree box filled with 6 delectable macarons. We designed a folded invitation, with gold foil printing and all the details about their St. Barths wedding, to nestle right on top. The finished product speaks for itselfhow excited would you be to receive this wedding invitation?!