Frequently asked questions

I want to create beautiful stationery with Fourteen-Forty, now what?

The best way to contact us is through this website. Filling out our Questionnaire will get us the information we need to begin the process. Once we receive your inquiry, we will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a short phone consultation, which is a great time to get out all those initial questions. We work with couples both locally and from afar, but for our local clients, we encourage an in-person design meeting whenever possible. This meeting will be set up during our phone consultation.

I already have a design, can you print it for me?

We do not print outside work, although we sometimes will allow clients to submit a logo or drawing to be integrated into the rest of the wedding suite that we will be designing, and this is at the studio's discretion. We wish we could help everyone, but we have to stick with what we do best and maintain the design aesthetic we believe in!

What kind of investment can I expect to make?

It depends on what you order, but we have options to fit a wide range of price points. Pricing starts at $1500 for 100 letterpress Invitations and Reply Sets.

I'm happy with the estimate and can't wait to start, what's next?

Lovely! We will get you a formal invoice at this stage as well as a design contract. Once we have a 50% deposit we can dive into the design process! You will receive your first set of proofs within 2 weeks for custom work, and within 3 weeks for non-custom work. From there we will go back and forth with design changes until you are 100% happy with your invitations!



Proofs are multi-paged pdf files containing digital representations of your designs. After each round of proofs, you will submit your comments and changes and we will make the adjustments for you until you are completely happy with your designs.


After a few (or many!) rounds of proofs, we will reach this exciting stage where you are ready to approve your proofs. We will send you your final designs and have you sign off on them. After your remaining balance has been submitted, we send it all to print!


For letterpress orders, printing and production takes 15 business days. For flat printing orders, printing and production takes 10 business days. This timing is subject to studio approval and we will be sure to discuss it with you during the process if it needs to be adjusted due to the specifics of your project. 


Letterpress printing is a very old printing process, started around 1440 in Europe. At one time the main mode of printing (newspapers, books, advertisements) was letterpress. A hand-fed press with a raised die is pressed into cotton paper, leaving an indentation in the paper that today evokes a very unique vintage feel. Letterpress printing traditionally uses only 1 or 2 spot colors since each additional color requires a separate and time/skill-intensive run through the press. It takes a highly skilled printer to print letterpress well and the results are incredibly luxurious and special.

All of our letterpress products are printed by hand on weighty cotton paper. There will be slight variations from piece to piece because of the manual nature of letterpress printing, which is all part of its beauty.